Panel: Health Beyond the Hospital

Date: April 11
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Price: FREE
Location: City Space
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Often overshadowed by the undergraduate and (non-medical) professional schools at UVA  - many people don’t realize that UVA Health System has revenues in excess of $1B per year and represents over 50% of all the revenue earned by Mr Jefferson’s University.  Like all health systems – especially those that have teaching, research and patient care responsibilities – UVA is now studying, preparing and rolling out New Care Delivery models that extend care beyond the hospital walls and into patient home and work place.

These models of care leverage public and private investment in broadband services, electronic medical record systems and data analytics.. Perhaps more importantly the changes in healthcare re-imbursement now require the lower cost and improved outcomes enabled by these new models of care. This panel brings together a unique group of professionals that together provide a comprehensive view of this new landscape.

Dr. Karen Rheuban is a UVA Professor, practicing Pediatric Cardiologist and Director of UVA Health System/s Center for Telehealth. She has played a large role on the national and international telemedicine stage for a number of years. She is past President of the America Telemedicine Association, member of the Board of the Center for Telehealth Law, Chair of the Virginia Telehealth Network as well as Virginia Medicaid.

Brynne Potter is CEO of Private Practice. Her firm has developed a system of web based digital tools that enable a new model of pre-natal care based on care coordination and patient empowerment across the healthcare system.

Robin Felder Ph. D. is a Clinical Professor and Researcher at UVA as well as a prodigious inventor and serial entrepreneur whose work in remote sensors and robotics represent the enabling technologies supporting new models of care.

Kirby Farrell is CEO of Broad Axe Care Coordination – a telehealth based clinical service provider. In partnership with UVA Health System, Broad Axe has developed the C3 Program to provide post-acute care coordination services that lower cost and improve outcomes for UVA patients and their families


  • Dr. Karen Rheuban, Medical Director, Office of Telemedicine...

  • Brynne Potter, CEO, Private Practice

  • Dr. Robin Felder, Assoc. Director of Clinical Chemistry...

  • Kirby Farrell, CEO of Broad Axe Care Coordination