Panel: Giving Back Through Tech

Date: April 12
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Price: FREE
Location: Old Metropolitan Hall
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Vanessa Hurst – Founder of Code Montage, on empowering coders to improve their impact on the world
Whit Faulconer – CEO of Bubuti, on linking viral content to crowd-funded philanthropy
Christy Philips – Director of Recruiting at WillowTree Apps, on creating apps that matter

Who is in your “community”? Who do you feel compelled to help? And how?

The digital revolution offers dramatic new tools for creating movements and helping others. At the same time, it aggravates stubborn inequalities of access to tech education. This panel is composed of heavy hitters at the cross-section of technology and community. Vanessa Hurst is one of the nation’s leaders in code literacy and promoting women in technology, having founded a series of successful organizations on those issues, including Girl Develop It and Developers For Good. Her latest effort is Code Montage, a network of web developers, software engineers, database administrators - any and all technologists who use their skills for good. Whit Faulconer is the CEO of Bubuti, an app which links causes to content using crowd-funded microphilanthropy. Christy Philips of WillowTree Apps presents Apps That Matter, projects which students and nonprofits have developed over the course of the past 6 months with the support of her agency, as well as her company’s own work in making the world a better place through mobile technology.


  • Vanessa Hurst, Founder of CodeMontage

  • Whit Faulconer, Founder of Bubuti

  • Christy Phillips, Director of Recruiting for WillowTree Apps