April 13-May 13: City as Canvas with free art and innovation programs
May 11-12: Ticketed Music Festival with 50+ bands

Part II:
May 11 & 12 - Music Festival

Two days and nights of packed music at multiple venues Downtown. Three exclusive venues including a late night electronic stage at the Main Street Arena.

Festival Schedule

Friday, May 11th

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Saturday, May 12th

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Festival Events:

Dwight Howard Johnson

Diane Cluck

Midtown Dickens

Exhibition: Show Shooters

The Spinto Band

Red Rattles

Spirit Family Reunion

Hope for Agoldensummer

Cotton Jones

American Royalty

Nelly Kate

Sanders Bohlke

Erin McKeown

The Fire Tapes


Birdie Busch

Virtual Boy


Invisible Hand

Dope Body

The Great Unknown

Photo Walk: CPI

Hello Pluto, Good-bye Kitty

The Black Swans

Small Sur


Dead Fame



Deleted Scenes


The Hill & Wood

Desert Noises

Jenny Besetzt

Mister Baby

Eternal Summers

Partner: Music Resource Center

Carl Anderson

The Due Diligence