April 13-May 13: City as Canvas with free art and innovation programs
May 11-12: Ticketed Music Festival with 50+ bands


What is Tom Tom

  • Tom Tom Founders Festival is music, art, & innovation.
  • FREE arts & innovation programming: April 13 – May 13.
  • Ticketed music festival: May 11 & 12.
  • It all happens on the Downtown Mall of Charlottesville VA.
  • Festival begins April 13 with a FREE block party at the McGuffey arts center.
  • Festival concludes May 13 with a FREE gala at the IX Project.

Tom Tom Community

We're a creative festival that celebrates original music, public art and entrepreneurial innovation. TTFF launches on Founders Day (April 13), curates a month of creative activity throughout downtown Charlottesville, and culminates in a festival weekend, May 11, 12 & 13.

Tom Tom is about the future of the community, and establishing Charlottesville as a creative hub for innovative ideas, artists, & businesses.

The community has been engaged in the programming of this festival in ways that we think are pretty unique. Over the past few months, we've literally had hundreds of people through our doors--pitching public art ideas, hearing from local bands, and brainstorming innovation programming that will better connect the pieces to support start-up businesses.

A simple example is the way the festival is book ended by two community days that are FREE. April 13 (Founders Day) & May 13 (unintentionally MOTHERS day!), will both have large community concerts. April 13 is a community gala at the McGuffey Arts Center-- including a street food fair, local bands playing from the front steps, and public art being created on the lawn as people picnic. May 13 is at the IX project, a 17 acre rehabbed industrial site flanked on 4 sides by public housing projects. The community is actively planning how to be engaging, interactive, inclusive and have a truly unique event in the heart of the City. And again, it's free, and there's an open invitation for people to get involved.

We've really only described the tip of the iceberg in an ambitious schedule for public art, lectures, and programming. This is a festival who gets its energy, ideas, and programming from the creativity going on around the Community. For more info: paul@tomtomfest.com

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