April 13-May 13: City as Canvas with free art and innovation programs
May 11-12: Ticketed Music Festival with 50+ bands


Big ideas start and stay in Charlottesville.

The panels, keynotes and mixers highlight and foster entrepreneurial networks. A Wednesday evening series, “Place Based Innovation,” focuses on trending industries in Cville and culminates in keynote addresses on the Friday and Saturday of the Festival Weekend about Charlottesville’s potential as a start-up hub, and a Locavore expo that emphasizes innovation in our local food hub.

Resident Innovator: The CIC

Resident Innovator: earless rabbit


Tom Tom Talks: earless rabbit

Partner Event: UVA Venture Summit

Partner Event: Venture Summit - Pitch Session

Partner Event: Eco Fair

Partner Event: “Place Making”

Darden: Entrepreneurship & Social Good: Apex Wind Energy

Tom Tom Talks: The CIC

Workshop: Effectuation

Panelist: Secretary Jim Cheng

Panelist: Martin Chapman

Panelist: Mark Crowell

Panelist: Joey Conover

Panelist: Zach Buckner

Panelist: Dave Norris

Panelist: Toan Nguyen

Panelist: Teri Kent

Partner: Darden School of Business

Partner: Charlottesville Tomorrow