Mahabuba & Tonu

As Part of: Expo: Tom Yum - Chef Demos
Date: April 12
Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Price: Free
Location: BON
Partner Website: Click Here

Mahabuba Akhter is passionate about teaching Bengali-Indian cooking to demystify the art of cooking with spices with her son, Tonu, as part of Cooking with Mahabuba and Tonu partnering with local community organizations and businesses, including, the Haven, Senior Center, Hope Community Center, UVA International Center, Happy Cook, Open Doors, Charlottesville Park and Recreation, and Whole Foods.

She loves sharing recipes she learned from her family 40 years ago. Currently, she works in the UVA's Neurology Department as a clinical research assitant. Mahabuba also practiced medicine in Bangladesh.


  • Expo: Tom Yum - Chef Demos