Got (a) Soul?: Musicians Muse on Meaning

As Part of: Michael Coleman, Singer/SongwriterDavid Tewksbury, SongwriterMatthew McAllister, Singer/Songwriter.Harli Saxon (MRC)Clarence Green
Date: April 12
Time: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Price: FREE
Location: BON
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Presented by Cypher:

Philosophers have pondered the question for ages "does man have a soul?", and for decades musicians have jumped and shouted on stages " I'm a soul man!"  In this interesting mix that is part performance and part conversation, come be entertained and enlightened as you answer the question "do these musicians have soul and do I?"


  • Michael Coleman, Singer/Songwriter

  • David Tewksbury, Songwriter

  • Matthew McAllister, Singer/Songwriter.

  • Clarence Green

  • Harli Saxon (MRC)

  • The Winter Line

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