Panel: Raising Capital in Charlottesville, Va. What works?

Date: April 11
Time: 11:00 am
Price: FREE
Location: The Haven
Partner Website: Click Here

Event Partners

Hosted by Woods Rogers PLC: 

  • Blair Kelley, Co-founder Medicus 24/7
  • Will Foshay, Felton Group
  • Kirby Farrell, CEO BroadAxe Care Coordination
  • Matthew Hantzmon, Co-Founder Heliosage

This panel assembles local dealmakers with decades of experience in Charlottesville's start-ups and investment ecosystem, to ask the question: what makes deals happen in Charlottesville? What ideas get their attention and what lessons have they learned? 

And since this panel includes many investor / founder hybrids, it's an opportunity to hear how they raised capital for their own businesses. 

Everyone knows about Silicon Valley, but what does Charlottesville, Va have to offer? 


  • Blair Kelley, Co-Founder Medicus 24/7

  • Matthew Hantzmon, Co-Founder & COO of Heliosage

  • Will Foshay, President, Felton Group LLC

  • Kirby Farrell, CEO of Broad Axe Care Coordination