Schaeffer Somers, Lecturer of Public Health Sciences

As Part of: Experiencing Empathy:  Medicine, Acting and Design
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Schaeffer is a Lecturer with a joint appointment in the Departments of Public Health and Architecture and an M.Arch degree from the UVA School of Architecture. Schaeffer teaches foundation and research architectural studios at the undergraduate level. His research maps the intersections of architecture, urban planning, and public health that shape the built environment, health and well being of our local and global communities. He is developing a new course, Built Environment & Public Health: Local to Global, to survey topics including food security, age­friendly cities, obesity, walkability, social equity and vulnerable populations as the basis for an interdisciplinary seminar applying Health Impact Assessment (HIA) methodology to urban design and architecture, Health Impact + Design. Drawing students from the design disciplines, public ealth sciences, and engineering, the course work explores performance measures and best practice for human health and equity with the goal of operationalizing evidence­based design at multiple scales from city to building in the architectural studio. 




  • Experiencing Empathy:  Medicine, Acting and Design