Rob Capon, Co-Founder of Adenosine Therapeutics

As Part of: Conversation: Funding Mobile Health - insights from local experts
Date: April 11
Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Price: Free
Location: City Space
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Robert Capon is the co-founder and CEO of Adenosine Therapeutics, a Charlottesville company with a cardiac drug in Phase III development. He is also a co-founder of ADial Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company specializing in treatments for addiction disorders.

Rob was a co-founder of ViroLogic, a pioneer in antiviral drug resistance testing, which went public as a NASDAQ firm in May 2000. Rob also co-founded HJC Software, the makers of Virex, the first commercial anti-virus software for the Macintosh personal computer.  Rob serves on the board of the Piedmont Virginia Community College Educational Foundation. Rob formerly served on Governor Warner's Biotechnology Commission, the Virginia Research and Technology Advisory Commission and the Virginia Biotech Association. 

Rob has been a visiting lecturer at the Darden Business School, where he teaches "Transactions and Deal-Making in the Life Sciences."  He has an MBA with honors from the Harvard Business School, and a BS in mechanical engineering with highest distinction from the University of Virginia.


  • Conversation: Funding Mobile Health - insights from local...