Matt Shields, Physics Teacher, Charlottesville High School

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After completing master’s degree in mechanical aerospace engineering from the University of Virginia, Matt Shields bounced around the technical world for a while.  He built weapons for the Marine Corps, worked at the Darden School of Business as a multimedia developer, started a small software company, and dabbled in web development.  On a whim during his lunch break one day, we applied for a teaching position in Albemarle County and was lucky enough to land a job.  

Matt taught at Monticello High School for three years before deciding that he loved teaching enough to pursue an education degree.  He went back to school full time and earned a PhD in curriculum and instruction from the University of Virginia before starting his current position at Charlottesville High School.  He is now in his sixth year teaching physics at CHS.  

Matt is particularly proud of his 100-member science club, BACON, the Best All-around Club of Nerds.  The club has sent balloons into space, traveled around the world in the name of science, and won international accolades.  Next year, Matt will be teaching three new courses at CHS geared toward promoting and nurturing student interest in engineering, programming, robotics, and STEM.

Matt will be speaking on the Entrepreneurial Mindset in Our Schools.

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