Evan Cooper, Director of Digital Strategy, Red Light Management

As Part of: Panel: Tumblr Talk with Red Light Management
Price: Free
Location: Old Metropolitan Hall
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Evan Cooper has over 20 years of experience in music and mass media. Prior to joining Red Light as Director of Digital Strategy for clients like Alicia Keys, Tim McGraw, Dave Matthews Band, and Bonnaroo, he oversaw the web site and fan club business for Live Nation/Musictoday for 5 years, managing the online presence for AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, the Elvis Presley estate and others. He has also served as a Production Manager with the Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive and a producer for the Discovery Channel.

He is a seasoned leader with experience building and heading teams and managing large scale projects for major media companies. Over his career, he has created world-class products for print, film, video, DVD, web, and mobile, and has consulted for clients such as the Darden Graduate School of Business (UVA), Adobe Systems, Random House, Saturn and Oracle Corporation.

He is an avid “chili head,” Sichaun cook, fly fisherman, squash player and, amateur bluegrass picker.

Evan will be speaking at Tumblr Talk.