Alan Webb, HackCville’s hack.shrink

As Part of: Workshop - Design Thinking
Price: Free
Location: McGuffey Art Center
Partner Website: Click Here

Alan is HackCville's hack.shrink, where he helps create collisions between doers starting creative projects in the community.  He wants to help you know that you can do that thing everyone else thinks is crazy, and that it will be harder than you think, and that you’ll be ok.  Alan also facilitates workshops around the world on design thinking, breaking into creative careers, community building, and entrepreneurship, and runs the Open Master's Program, which helps adult self-directed learners become more mindful, structured, and socially engaged in pursuit of ambitious long-term learning goals, through in-person groups currently meeting in DC, San Francisco, Raleigh, NC, and Amsterdam.

Alan will be at the Design Thinking Workshop.