You’re Jovian

Date: April 13
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Price: FREE
Location: The Bridge PAI
Partner Website: Click Here

You’re Jovian are an alternative and garage rock band from Virginia Beach, VA. Their music mixes the best of current indie rock with the traditional lo-fi fuzz of the 1990s.  Their musical output includes 2011’ “Ecstasy Reality EP”, their 2012 album “Stereochronic”, and most recently “Indian Drifters”, released in August 2013.  In addition to releasing three solid collections of music in a relatively short span of time, they have also managed to bridge a wide gap of sonic variety through their output.  “Stereochronic” is a fairly straightforward, crisp effort with distorted guitars interjected sporadically, and especially towards the end of the album.  The catchy songs flow brilliantly into one another, and the listener will find it difficult not to nod their head or tap a foot along with the beat.  Meanwhile, their latest release, “Indian Drifters”, is a cryptically lo-fi album, along the lines of very early Pavement.  As a general rule, You’re Jovian provides dreamy vocals accompanied by the swirling, bent-out-of-shape guitars (and occasionally synthesizer) that are so crucial to My Bloody Valentine’s sound.  Definitely don’t miss You’re Jovian at TTFF 2014, as they revive the best of 90s guitar rock and combine it with more modern musical themes.