Panel: Tumblr Talk with Red Light Management

Date: April 12
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Price: FREE
Location: Old Metropolitan Hall
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Hosted by Storyware:


Evan Cooper – Director of Digital Strategy, Red Light Management
Hank Bateman – Digital Strategy, Red Light Management
Todd Wickersty – Cofounder, Storyware
Thomas Duffy – Director of Trust & Safety, Tumblr

Recently acquired by Yahoo for $1.1B, the blogging platform Tumblr represents the “curation generation” more than any other single app. According to the company’s own estimates, only 10% of content on Tumblr is original: the rest are posts from others, which users reblog as a form of self-expression. Tumblr permits a unique balance of personality and privacy, making it an attractive alternative to Facebook, the network that brought you friend invitations from strangers and parents.

An outstanding lineup of Tumblr strategists leads this panel discussion. Hear from Evan Cooper and Hank Bateman of Digital Strategy at Red Light Management, on how artists from Belle & Sebastian to Tim McGraw interact with their fans, while Todd Wickersty of Storyware talks about what it takes to build a Tumblr presence for global brands like Home Depot and The Grammys. Thomas Duffy, one of Tumblr’s first employees, rounds out the panel with an insider's perspective.


  • Evan Cooper, Director of Digital Strategy, Red Light...

  • Hank Bateman, Digital Strategy, Red Light Management

  • Todd Wickersty, Co-Founder of Storyware

  • Thomas Duffy, Director of Trust and Safety, Tumblr