Tom Talks - Local Innovators, Global Impacts

Date: April 12
Time: 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Price: FREE
Location: The Haven
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The Tom Talks are the central innovation event of Tom Tom: A public forum for some of Charlottesville's top innovators, working from Charlottesville, and often making national and global impacts.

Full bios and links below.


  • Frank Friedman and Adam Hastings speaking about the role of America's community college system in building the middle class and fueling the knowledge economy.
  • Peter Thompson of the Senior Center follows with a talk about the Encore Career.


  • The talks then segue into personalized health care, with looks at four University of Virginia clinicians, surgeons and researchers who are exploring the individualized "thumbprint" of the human body and how that relates to treatments of cancers and other ailments.
  • Dr. Bill Steers, Dr. Todd Bauer, Dr. Kim Kelley, and Dr. Ann Hays have all been the subject of national news stories in thier fields of study in Urology, Robotics, Pancreatic Cancer, and the Human Biome.


  • CEO of MBDC, Ken Alston, talks about the global implications of the Cradle to Cradle design philosophy and longterm sustainability. 
  • English Professor, Michael Levenson on why teaching the humanities matters. 
  • Charottesville's favorite jazz musician and cultural stalwart, John D'earth, gives a talk about the Jazz music and its role in American Art.


  • TOM TALKS: Frank Friedman, President at PVCC

  • TOM TALKS: Dr. Todd Bauer, Surgeon, U.Va. Dept. of Medicine

  • TOM TALKS: R. Ann Hays, MD Gastroenterology

  • TOM TALKS: Dr. William Steers, Chair of the Department of...

  • TOM TALKS: John D’earth, Trumpeter

  • TOM TALKS: Adam Hastings, Director CATEC

  • TOM TALKS: Michael Levenson, Professor of English (U.Va.)

  • TOM TALKS - Ken Alston, CEO MBDC

  • TOM TALKS: Peter Thompson, Executive Director of the Senior...