Resident Artist: Simon Draper

Date: April 11
Time: 12:00 pm
Price: Free
Location: The Bridge PAI
Partner Website: Click Here

Event Partner

Hosted by the Bridge Progressive Arts Institute:

  • Check out the brown bag lunch with Simon at noon on Friday April 11th at The Bridge PAI. He will discuss Habitat for Artists - how it got started, where else he has done the project, and what it was like to work in Charlottesville. He will also be present at other events throughout the weekend.

Simon Draper is a visual artist who has lived and worked in the Hudson Valley for the past 15 years . In 2008 he founded the Habitat for Artists project with the intent of having artists engage more directly with their communities. Creating a short term residency program the project places invited artists in small temporary reusable Studios. The Studios are placed in a more accessible location within a community  which allows a new audience  to enter into a fresh dialog with the artist during their working residency. The focus being on the creative process or act of making rather than the usual over commodified final product. HFA has engaged in many towns in the Huson Valley region as well as NYC , Philadelphia PA , Vermont and NJ.


  • Installation: Habitat City by The Bridge PAI