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Tom Tom Call For Interns

August 22, 2012 | By: pbeyer | Tags: No tags where found.

Calling all social media savants, marketing monkeys, musicians, designers, planners, and Jacks-of-All-Trades! This past spring, Tom Tom Founders Fest 2012 launched: two block parties, a month of creative events, and a 60+ band music festival on the Downtown Mall. The theme was Charlottesville as a creative hub for music, art & innovation.

TTFF 2013 is just around the corner, and now is the time to throw in your hat towards the sequel. Two large events this fall, and then the festival in April 2013.

We are accepting applications for three new internships, and we’re eager to incorporate your know-how, passion, and ideas...

- Helping put on impactful, memorable events, and coordinating the logistics involved
- Interfacing with a range of university and community leaders

- Booking and managing diverse talent for the festival / block parties
- Coordinating venue, show, and promotion logistics
- Assembling artist residencies and community workshops
- Coordinating arts events / programming / lectures
- Reaching out to speakers for presentations and panels
- Brainstorming creative events that spur entrepreneurship & start-ups that enrich the whole of C-ville

- Coordinating print, radio, and social media advertising
- Outreaching to blogs and media
- design background preferred

Expect 8-10 hours per week of work. Interns must be able to get to our downtown office (public transportation is available). Check out to see what you’re getting into and understand what last year was all about. Your inspirations & ideas will be asked for in the interview process.

Cover letters and resumes due by Wednesday, September 5th.

Travis Dennis, Intern Coordinator
(703) 618-9369,


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